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Changing Rooms is a domestic and international support system that functions through the recruitment of volunteers which we refer to as angels. An angel is anyone willing to assume responsibility in addressing the needs of people around them. As an angel you would determine the individual's needs, then personally acquire the resources through our organization to fill that need. You in turn recruit the person you are helping to also help others. It is a support system.

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In unity there is strength! En la union esta la fuerza!

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Domestic Support

With the recent hurricanes we provided support to many families in Loisiana, Katy & Houston Texas, Apopka Florida.

International Support

We provided support to Venezuela, Mexico, Domincan Republic, Haiti Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and as ofrecent Puerto Rico.

Our Angels

Our angels are the vehicle by which we extend our support to the cities, states or countries that pose a need..

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