About Us:

In unity there is strength! En la union esta la fuerza!

Changing Rooms U.S.A. was founded by Paloma Martinez in 2016 and became a subsidiary of Miles of Help Through Christ, a 501c3, tax-exmpt organization that was established in 2010.

Changing Rooms U.S.A. is a support system that has served locally in Florida, and Texas. We have also served in Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Changing Rooms U.S.A. functions through a recruitment of other organizations and individuals which we refer to as "Angels". Our angels come to us with a need they have observed. We analyze the need, provide the resources to solve that needs, which is delivered by the angel who became aware of the need initially. Once the need is filled we invite that person to become an angel by providing a name and need they have observed.

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