Our Services:

In unity there is strength! En la union esta la fuerza!

We collect non-perishable foods, gently used clothes, baby items, toiletries, furniture. etc. which our angels provide to fill someone's need or which we send to areas affected by disasters.

We offer community service hours to volunteers who help process donations.

How to become a Community Angel

Please fill out a Volunteer Form .

Pick a family member, neighbor, or stranger that you can support in their time of need.

Collect the information on what is needed to successfully make their day brighter.

Schedule a visit to Changing Rooms, U.S.A. where you would help process, collect what is needed to fill their need, others and self.

How to become a Division Leader

Please fill out a Volunteer Form .

Recruit angels and businesses to become sponsors.

Collect resources.

Create, coordinate and execute events for your specific division.

Donate Via SquareCash.